Our Story


Founding Leaders


Anthony Levrets
Chief Executive Officer

Anthony was a college basketball coach for eighteen years, serving most recently as the head coach at the University of Utah. He has dedicated his life to helping young people reach their maximum potential in every aspect of their lives. Anthony has provided Exitus Technologies with the same devotion and passion.


Dan Siger
Chief Technology Officer

With over two decades of experience in technology, including web, application, and mobile development, Dan has worked with dozens of enterprise clients to bring digital products and services to life. From games to global training platforms, he has lead teams and projects of all sizes. Exitus Technologies is the most exciting challenge yet, with the greatest reward of helping our users be safer everyday.


Dale Fortin
Chief Implementation Officer

Dale is a retired Navy SEAL. After serving the United States for 23 years with multiple combat tours, he turned to protect corporate personnel and critical infrastructure in Arizona. Dale has committed his life to the safety of the American people and our way of life. Exitus Technologies is excited to have his tactical expertise and dedication making our communities safer.


Having Intel as our hardware partner provides us access to state of the art technology that is so vital to our mission of keeping people safe. "Intel inside" provides our customers the assurance that the hardware will work in their moment of crisis.

The relationship with Ziba began with our need for industrial design, and it has expanded to cover many other disciplines that a world class agency such as Ziba has to offer. Working with Ziba has provided us the credibility needed to succeed in today's competitive market.