What is a channel?

A channel is our term for a group. Every group is different, and so channels are highly customizable to suit the complex structure and variety of group dynamics. Exitus is available across all devices for this reason. In this way, Exitus users can easily communicate and collaborate as a group in real-time.  This multi-device convenience is utilized by Exitus's various features, including polls, and scheduled messages.


What channel names can I use?

Channel names are 6-20 alphanumeric characters with no spaces and must be unique. In other words, if another member has a channel called "Design" you cannot use that channel name.


How do I control who can join my channel?

If you do not want an open channel that anyone can join, then you must restrict membership. If you restrict membership, prospective members will have to provide their username, a short bio, or a password (which you choose in the settings page) to join your channel. Note: You can always change this setting after you've created a channel. 


What is curated chat?

Curated chat is the ability to moderate a channel conversation. Curators receive messages and approve them to be sent to the rest of the group. A channel admin can appoint multiple curators, but there can only be one channel admin. In a large group scenario, curators are helpful for filtering out inappropriate or off topic messages. Curation is also our solution to chat storms, which can bury pertinent or vital information. 


Can I have multiple admins for a channel?

A channel can only have one admin, but an admin can assign additional curators. Curators have some admin privileges, but not all: Only an admin can edit channel settings, appoint curators, or delete a channel. To add a curator to your group, go to the channel settings. Note that you must be an channel admin to add a curator.


How do I remove a member from my channel?

Go into the channel settings and click on the "members" button. Locate the member you want to remove, and click on their name. Hit "remove member".


Do pictures/videos/files work with exitus?

Exitus's automatically embeds content from Spotify, Vine, and YouTube if you send links in your messages. App and SMS members will get links to the content so they can play them on their devices. Exitus also supports Animated GIFs and photos. To upload or link an image, click on the camera icon located in the message box.


Can I message an individual member?

Yes, you can directly message a fellow channel member by clicking on their username. If a member is not located in a channel with you, you must get their permission to connect before messaging them.


How do I change a channel name?

You can change your channel name in the channel settings page.


HOW DO I delete a message?

Admins can delete any message on a channel; non-admins can only delete their own messages. Locate the specific message in the channel, tap on it and tap on the "delete" drop down. The message will no longer appear on the apps or the web.


HOW DO I CHANGE my avatar?

Tap on "edit profile". In your profile page, tap on the "set avatar" button. You can upload an image, link to an image, or choose from our gallery of avatars.


Can I use email to reply to messages?

Yes! This feature works just like regular email. When you receive a Exitus message in your email inbox, click reply-to, type your message and hit send. That's it!

Note: To receive and reply to a Exitus message in email, you must have email switched on. To do this, log into your Exitus account and go to your user profile page. In your inbox click on the "notifications" button located beneath your profile pic. In the popup window, toggle email on. This will turn on email for every channel.

To turn on email for a specific channel, go into that channel and click on the "notifications" button located beneath your channel photo. In the popup window, toggle email on. This will turn on email for that channel only.


Can removed members rejoin a channel?

An admin or curator must re-invite them. To invite someone back to your channel, go into the channel you want to add members to, click the "members" button. In the "members" page click on the "invite members" button and type in their usernames and click "send invites."


What is email domain security?

Email domain security is a channel security setting that enables you to restrict membership in the channel to those with a verified email address from a given email domain.

An email domain is the string of text that follows the '@' in your email address. For example, if your email address is alice@sales.xyzcompany.com, then your email domain would be sales.xyzcompany.com.

Because Alice has a subdomain of 'sales', both the main domain, 'xyzcompany.com', and the full domain, 'sales.xyzcompany.com', are valid. This means that Alice can join any channel with domain security set to either one of these domains. Alice can also set email domain security on any of their channels to either of these two options.


Is my phone number kept private?

Yes, always.  You need to enter your phone number only to receive channel texts to your phone. You can invite friends to join your channel by entering their phone numbers too, but this is not required.  Exitus users will never see your phone number or the phone numbers of people you have invited.