Exitus Technologies provides a safety network designed to protect you during emergencies. A simple button push connects users to a customizable and predetermined network, enabling organizations to efficiently respond to emergency situations.


Our present reality has left us feeling anything but safe.

What if it didn’t have to be this way?

What if we were able to do everything within our power to protect ourselves?

What if we had the tools, training, and resources to handle emergencies with confidence?

What if our present reality looked a little different?





Interactive Alert & Communication




Customizable & Wearable Device




Emergency Response Planning

State of the Art Interactive Alert and Communication Software


The Exitus app is a communication platform optimized for use during emergency events. It allows all users on your organization's network to communicate with each other, administrators, and security personnel. Any user can provide additional information to help first responders react quickly and appropriately.

The Exitus app can be installed on any smart device, or it can run on any computer or within an existing network. Custom alerts and notifications from users can be transmitted or routed simultaneously to different recipients and end locations.

Exitus communication capabilities are not limited to crisis response but can be utilized as messaging platform between users within your organization.


Customizable and Wearable Hardware Device


Claron is the first generation active alert wearable device. Claron communicates directly with the Exitus app to provide a convenient and inconspicuous method to activate an alert with the press of a button. The alert is broadcast to your phone and across an entire network, warning everyone to an emergency.

Exitus Technologies can produce hardware devices in a variety of sizes and shapes, for example, standard fob or pin, name tag, coin, collar stay, chap stick tube, etc.


Emergency Response Plan Development and Training Team


The response planning and implementation team is comprised of a specialized and skilled group of former U.S. Navy SEALs. These security experts have spent not only their military careers, but also their civilian contracting careers doing security assessments for many verticals within the civilian sector. Their specific experience with in-depth response planning, development, and full implementation is scalable across industries.

A representative from this team or multiple team members can provide an advanced implementation for your security department, administrators or the entire company at an additional cost. Additionally, they offer an in depth evaluation and development for your current Emergency Action Plan. They can also determine key administrators in your communication chain of command to better utilize the Exitus system. Clarity in crises is what this team is all about.


We know that you are not constantly going into work thinking about what emergency you might
face next, but the unfortunate reality is that safety threats are a risk to every organization.
We at Exitus Technologies simply want to tackle these problems head on.

And we are doing this by providing the training you need to feel prepared and empowered.